Fratelli Bianchi:
furniture artisans

Passion and experience
in creating wooden furniture and furnishing accessories.

Our goal: to reinvent the spaces of homes, shops, offices, hotels, and public places, combining tradition and innovation, passion and creativity, thanks to a long artisan tradition in the creation of unique pieces, to furnish with style and personality.

Our expertise allows us to propose ourselves, both in Italy and abroad, as partners for furniture and architecture professionals: a virtuous chain, to offer customers complete solutions.

Fratelli Bianchi

A perfect synthesis of past and future capable of telling the story of Italian creativity all over the world.

Technology and tradition

The passion and artisan quality of over five generations and the technological innovation of modern woodworking.

The art of working wood according to the best Italian tradition, the passion of a family that for over a century has been committed to shaping and materialising ideas, realising unique furnishing projects.

The technological innovation of a laboratory equipped for customised pieces even in series, meeting the needs of shops, hotels, and public places as well.

Giving shape to ideas starting from wood

We are specialists in woodworking and the application in the field has allowed us to develop in-depth knowledge also in the processing of other materials. Giving shape to an idea means first of all understanding how to realize it and engineer the process that will lead it to its realization.

We leave nothing to chance, and starting from surveys on site we want to take responsibility for the quality of the finished product. The long collaboration with architects and designers has also allowed us to develop a synergistic and effective approach, even in working with different materials and creating solutions able to always obtain the best result.


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